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Xiu Zhang Unsupervised Person Re-Identification 06/03/2020
Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda Generative Models to Characterize Brain Tumor Imaging Biomarkers 05/27/2020
Runze Li Exploring Generating Explanations on Generative Models 05/20/2020
Hengyue Liu Pose-guided R-CNN v2 05/13/2020
Yixiu Liu Semi-Supervised Deep Memory Neural Network for Person Re-Identification 05/06/2020
Shengjun Zhang Handwash Net: Recognition of Standard Handwashing Process Using Self-supervised Deep Learning Network Based on Fourier Descriptor 04/29/2020
Adam Witmer Generative Adversarial Networks for Classification of Stem Cell Microscopy Images 04/22/2020
Rajkumar Theagarajan Defending Black Box Classifiers Using an Ensemble of Iterative Adversarial Defenses, Knowledge Distillation, and Bayesian Uncertainties 04/15/2020
Ankith Jain Rakesh Kumar Classification of Facial Micro-Expressions on Depth Videos Using Hierarchical Structure 04/08/2020
Taanya Gupta Early Wildfire Smoke Detection 04/01/2020
Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda Feature Disentanglement to Aid Imaging Biomarker Characterization for Genetic Mutations 03/11/2020
Xiu Zhang Spatial-Temporal Unbiased Semantic Representation for Video-based Person Re-identification 02/26/2020
Runze Li Generating Explanations of Variational Autoencoder 02/19/2020
Hengyue Liu Context-Aware Control for Dynamic Execution of Throttleable Neural Networks 02/12/2020
Yixiu Liu Generate Reference Like Images for Few Shot Person re-identification 02/05/2020
Rajkumar Theagarajan Defending Black Box Models using an Ensemble of Adversarial Defenses and Bayesian Uncertainties 01/29/2020
Tomaso Fontanini Conditional GANs and Meta-Learning Applied to Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation 01/22/2020
Shengjun Zhang Handwash Net: Deep Learning Networks for Recognition Standardized Handwashing Procedures Before Surgery 01/15/2020
Adam Witmer Application of Generative Adversarial Networks to Stem Cell Microscopy Image Classification 01/08/2020


Taanya Gupta 12/09/2019
Ankith Jain Rakesh Kumar Data Collection and Classification of Facial Micro-Expression for RGB-D Videos 12/03/2019
Xiu Zhang Unsupervised Person Re-Identification 11/26/2019
Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda Simultaneous Generation and Segmentation of Brain Tumors for Co-Gain Estimation 11/19/2019
Shou-en Chao Estimation and Forecast 11/12/2019
Chih-Chun Tsai Ensemble Learning for Calibration of Low-Cost Sensor 11/12/2019
Peng-Yeng Yin
Rong-Fuh Day
Chih-Chun Tsai
Shou-En Chao
Increasing People's Awareness Regarding PM2.5 Emissions in Pulitownship 11/12/2019
Peng-Yeng Yin
Rong-Fuh Day
Chih-Chun Tsai
Shou-En Chao
UCR-NCNU Collaboration Project Meeting 11/12/2019
Runze Li Explainable AI on Broad Computer Vision Applications 11/05/2019
Hengyue Liu Context-Aware Control for Dynamic Execution of Deep Networks 10/29/2019
Yixiu Liu Semi-Supervised Deep Memory Neural Network for Person Re-Identification 10/22/2019
Rajkumar Theagarajan ShieldNets: Defending against Adversarial Attacks using Probabilistic Adversarial Robustness 10/15/2019
Shengjun Zhang Hand Gesture Recognition: Based on Saliency Detection and Action Prediction 10/08/2019
Adam Witmer Application of Generative Adversarial Networks to Stem Cell Microscopy Image Classification 10/02/2019
Chen Li Pairwise Relation Network Based Deep Face Recognition with Few Shot 06/12/2019
Ankith Jain Rakesh Kumar Data Collection for Facial Expressions using Intel RealSense RGB-D Camera 06/05/2019
Yixiu Liu An Enhanced Bag of Local Deep Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification 05/29/2019
Adam Witmer Dataset Augmentation, Classification and Modeling of Nicotine Affected, Diseased Stem Cell Colonies Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks 05/15/2019
Xiu Zhang Progressive Learning for Video-based Person Re-identification from Few Examples 05/08/2019
Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda Diagnosis and Prognosis Estimation Using Visual Biomarkers in Breast and Brain Tumors 05/01/2019
Rajkumar Theagrajan Integrating Deep Learning and Model-Based Approaches for ISAR Target Recognition 04/24/2019
Hengyue Liu Pose-Guided R-CNN for Jersey Number Recognition in Sports 04/17/2019
Runze Li Pose & Motion Guided Video Generation 04/10/2019
Li Chen Person Identification Based on Weighted Center-Symmetric Adaptive Local Gabor Ternary Patterns 03/14/2019
Ankith Jain Rakesh Kumar Classification of Facial Micro-Expressions 03/06/2019
Yixiu Liu An Enhanced Bag of Local Deep Feature for Person Re-Identification 02/27/2019
Adam Witmer hESCnet 2.0: Synthetic Data Augmentation for Stem Cell Microscopy Classification 02/20/2019
Xiu Zhang Adversary Progressive Learning for Video-based Person Re-Identification 02/13/2019
Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda Brain Tumors - Segmentation, Classification and Generation 02/06/2019
Hengyue Liu Pose-Guided R-CNN for Jersey Number Recognition in Sports 01/30/2019
Runze Li Visual Dribbling Styles Classification in Soccer Videos 01/23/2019
Rajkumar Theagarajan An Overview on Adversarial Attacks and Defense 01/16/2019


Xiu Zhang Video-based Person Re-identification with Reinforcement Learning 12/12/2018
Adam Witmer GAN Applications for Stem Cell Microscopy Images 12/05/2018
Xiu Zhang One-shot Video-based Person Re-identification with Reinforcement Learning 11/28/2018
Ankith Jain Rakesh Kumar Classification of Game Players Performance using Facial Micro-Expression 11/21/2018
Xiu Zhang How to Make a Good Presentation 11/14/2018
Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda Assessing Diagnosis and Prognosis in Breast and Brain Tumors 11/07/2018
Hengyue Liu 'Soccer Jersey Number Recognition using Mask R-CNN 10/24/2018
Runze Li Soccer Dribbling Styles Classification 10/17/2018
Rajkumar Theagarajan Defending against Adversarial Attacks using Reinforcement Learning 10/03/2018
Tian Sirui An Introduction to Complex-Valued Neural Network 06/06/2018
Xiu Zhang An Unbiased Semantic Representation for Video-Based Person Re-identification 05/30/2018
Adam Witmer Generation of Large Scale, Synthetic Microscopy Images 05/23/2018
Vincent On 3D Reconstruction of Phase Contrast Images using Focus Measures 05/16/2018
Cassio Elias Dyfusion: Dynamic IR/RGB Fusion for Maritime Vessel Recognition 05/09/2018
Rajkumar Theagarajan Generating Synthetic Videos for Dynamic Facial Expressions of Neonates and Human Embryonic Stem Cells 05/02/2018
Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda Use of Unsupervised Clustering and Deep Networks in Breast Cancer Classification 04/24/2018
Federico Pala Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection 04/17/2018
Hengyue Liu Human Body Keypoints - based Segmentation and Recognition Of Jersey Number 04/10/2018
Runze Li Recognizing Dribbling Actions in Soccer Clips 04/03/2018
Tian Sirui SAR ATR Using Complex Images 03/21/2018
Adam Witmer Quantifying Stem Cell Toxicology Using Deep Learning 03/14/2018
Xiu Zhang An Unbiased Temporal Representation for Video-based Person Re-identification 03/07/2018
Vincent On 3D Reconstruction of Phase Contrast Images using Focus Measures 02/28/2018
Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda Deep Learning Application for Classification of Breast Cancer Histopathology Images 02/21/2018
Cassio Elias Dyfusion: Dynamic IR/RGB Fusion for Maritime Vessel Recognition 02/14/2018
Rajkumar Theagarajan Human Embryonic Stem Cell Classification 02/07/2018
Federico Pala Fingerprint Spoofing Detection and Generative Models 01/24/2018
Hengyue Liu Soccer Player’s Jersey Number Recognition Framework 01/17/2018
Runze Li Remote Mind Reading and Motion Segmentation 01/10/2018


Adam Witmer Quantifying Stem Cell Toxicology Using Deep Learning 12/07/2017
Fulong Jiao A Deep Agent for Person Re-Identification 12/01/2017
Xiu Zhang Triplet CNN and Pedestrian Attribute Recognition for Improved Person Re-identification 11/17/2017
Cassio Elias Sensor Fusion for Boat Recognition 11/27/2017
Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda Instrumented Glove for Objective Assessment of Spasticity in Neuromuscular Disorders 10/20/2017
Rajkumar Computational Methods for Detecting Pain in Neonates 10/06/2017
Adam Witmer Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to Classify Stem Cell Colonies from Phase Contrast Microscopy Data 05/24/2017
Cassio Elias Feature Descriptor Synthesis 05/17/2017
Vicent On Automatic 3D Time Lapse Phase Contrast Analysis Using Deep Learning 05/10/2017
Fulong Jiao Hierarchical Object Detection with Deep Reinforcement Learning 04/26/2017
Xiu Zhang Attributes Co-occurrence Pattern Mining for Video-based Person Re-identification 04/19/2017
Rajkumar Traffic Surveillance Workshop (CVPR 17) & Computer Vision and Robotics workshop (ICCV 17) 04/12/2017
Xiu Zhang Improving Person Re-identification by Attributes with Latent Co-occurrence Patterns 03/09/2017
Federico Pala A Deep Triplet Framework for Liveness Detection 03/02/2017
Cassio Elias Generating efficient computer vision programs 02/23/2017
Vicent On Segmenting/classifying dendritic spines and analyzing the flow of cofilin proteins 02/16/2017
Fulong Jiao Recurrent Convolutional Network for Video-based Person Re-Identification(CVPR 2016) 02/09/2017
Adam Witmer Proposed method for stem cell image classification and analysis 02/02/2017
Rajkumar Driver on a Race Track - A System for Unconstrained Facial Expression and Emotion Classification 01/19/2017


Federico Pala Fingerprint Liveness Detection 12/02/2016
Vicent On Segmenting Dendritic Spines and Cofilin Proteins 11/18/2016
Fulong Jiao Reinforcement Learning 11/04/2016
Adam Witmer Classification of Human Embryonic Stem Cells using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 10/28/2016
Rajkumar Passenger vehicle classification using physical measurements from rear view video 10/21/2016
Cassio Elias Partial Least Squares for Face Hashing 10/14/2016
Zhan Li Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction and its Applications 10/07/2016
Xiu Zhang Progress/Updates/Ideas of current research 09/30/2016
Xiu Zhang Automatic Concept Discovery from Parallel Text and Visual Corpora 05/27/2016
Adam Witmer Deep learning in Label-free Cell Classification 05/20/2016
Federico Pala Deep Learning Introduction 05/13/2016
Vincent On ICPR submission 05/06/2016
Belinda Le Driver on a Race Track: Complex Facial Expression Recognition 04/29/2016
Asong Tambo Classifying pollen tube growth cycles 04/22/2016
Adam Witmer Live imaging of adult neural stem cell behavior in the intact and injured zebrafish brain 04/15/2016
Fulong Jiao Playing Atari with Deep Q network 04/08/2016
Rajkumar Robust passenger vehicle classification using physical measurements from rear view video 04/01/2016
Xiu Zhang Love Thy Neighbors: Image Annotation by Exploiting Image Metadata 03/11/2016
Ninad Thakoor StratOS: A Big Data Framework for Scientific Computing 03/04/2016
Vincent On Counting-Based Particle Flux Estimation For Traffic Analysis in Live Cell Imaging 02/26/2016
Belinda Le Compactness of Feature Representation and Evaluation of Emotions and Expressions 02/19/2016
Adam Witmer Biological Applications of Deep Learning 02/12/2016
Asong Tambo Classifying the Dynamics of Tip Growth Segments 02/05/2016
Fulong Jiao Object Localization with Reinforcement Learning 01/29/2016
Rajkumar Robust Visual Rear Ground-Clearance Estimation for Passenger Vehicles. 01/22/2016
Jude Ezeobiejesi Cancelled 01/15/2016
Federico Pala Convolutional Neural Networks: Theory and Tips and Tricks for NVIDIA Digits DevBox 01/08/2016


Xibin Jia Incremental Hierarchical Clustering for Co-Occurrence of Concepts 12/11/2015
Ninad Thakoor Detecting Group Differences​: Mining Contrast Sets 12/04/2015
Cancelled -------- Cancelled -------- 11/20/2015
Vincent On Quantifying Motion of Cofilin and its Effect on Dendritic Spine Shape. 11/13/2015
Asong Tambo Segmentation of Pollen Tube Growth Videos Using Dynamic Bi-Modal Fusion and Seam Carving 11/06/2015
Belinda Le Constrained Local Models and Supervised Descent Method 10/30/2015
Siyu Li Recognition of low-resolution logos in traffic images based on 2D CCA 10/23/2015
Adam Witmer Development of Video Bioinformatics Tools for the Analysis of Neural Stem Cell Differentiation 10/16/2015
Fulong Jiao A Review of Bat’s Navigation 10/09/2015
Xiu Zhang My Masters Thesis 10/02/2015
Rajkumar Theagarajan Topic 1: Physical models for moving shadow and object detection.
Topic 2: Vehicle clearance estimation for classification.


Le An Reference and Sparse Representation Based Person Re-identification 10/03/2014
Xiaojing Chen An online learned elementary grouping model for multi-target tracking 05/21/2014
Asong Tambo Understanding Pollen Tube Growth in Video 05/07/2014
Anthony Bianchi Simultaneous Truth and Performance Level Estimation (STAPLE): An Algorithm for Validation of Image Segmentation 04/09/2014
Ninad Thakoor Video Bioinformatics Databases 03/12/2014
Albert C. Cruz Score-based Facial Emotion Recognition 03/05/2014
Linan Feng Semantic Concept Detection in Images with Applications in Image Retrieval and Automated Image Annotation 02/24/2014
Vincent On Segmentation of Clustered Nuclei with Shape Markers and Marking Function 02/18/2014
Songfan Yang Zapping Index: Show Me an Interesting Commercial 02/12/2014
Zhixing Jin Structure Preserving Object Tracking 02/05/2014
Amirali Darvishzadeh Real-Time Pedestrian Tracking with Swarm Intelligence 01/29/2014
Le An Mid-level patch 01/22/2014
Li Yuan Ear biometric for personal recognition 01/15/2014


Xiaojing Chen An Online Learned Elementary Group Model for Multi-target Tracking 12/03/2013
Kanghyun Jo Ambient Intelligence based on Vision 11/26/2013
Asong Tambo Integrated Model for Pollen Tube Analysis in Video 11/19/2013
Deen Ma Conditional Random Fields based Chinese Sign Language Recognition 11/05/2013
Negin Entezari Graph-Based Skill Acquisition in Reinforcement Learning 10/08/2013
Amir Feghahati Masters Dissertation presentation 10/01/2013
Ninad Thakoor Make and model recognition 05/30/2013
Mehran Kafai Dissertation defense presentation 05/23/2013
Lunshao Chai Multiple Foreground Cosegmentation (MFC) 05/16/2013
Albert Cruz Facial emotion recognition with anisotropic inhibited gabor energy histograms 05/09/2013
Linan Feng A Study of Collective Behavior & Small Groups in Pedestrians for multi-target tracking 05/02/2013
Vincent On Computational Analysis of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Videos Predicts Health Index 04/25/2013
Songfan Yang Facial expression analysis in commercials 04/18/2013
Asong Tambo Pollen tube modeling 04/11/2013
Le An Reference-Based Person Re-Identification 04/04/2013
Hessamoddin Shafeian Interactive template-based video retrieval 03/07/2013
Zhixing Jin Joint individual-group tracking 02/28/2013
Xiaojing Chen Tracklet Association Using Soft-biometrics Based Appearance Models 02/21/2013
Anthony Bianchi Multi-Scale Texture Propagation and Modality Generation for mTBI Classification 02/14/2013
Vincent Nguyen Context Adaptive Feature Fusion 02/07/2013
Linand Feng Semantic concept detection and concept co-occurrences in images 01/31/2013
Lunshao Chai A multi-scale fuzzy model for histogram-based descriptors 01/24/2013
Songfan Yang Improving Action Units Recognition Using Dense Flow-based Face Registration in Video 01/14/2013


Bir Bhanu How to become a better researcher? 12/07/2012
Mehran Kafai Social Multimedia Computing for Unconstrained Face Recognition 11/30/2012
Ben Guan Application of automatic Cell Tracking For Wound healing Assay in Vitro. 11/16/2012
Qun Li A reference-based algorithm for scene image categorization 11/09/2012
Ninad Thakoor Structural Signatures for Passenger Vehicle Classification in Video 11/02/2012
Le An Face recognition in multi-camera networks 10/26/2012
Hessamoddin Shafeian Interactive video summarization and retrieval 10/19/2012
Zhixing Jin Integrating Crowd Simulation for Pedestrian Tracking in a Multi-Camera System 10/12/2012
Krystof Litomisky Removing moving objects from point cloud scenes 05/09/2012
Ninad Thakoor Semi-supervised learning 05/02/2012
Mehran Kafai Reference-based face recognition across pose 04/25/2012
Songfan Yang TILT: Transform Invariant Low-rank Texture Talk/Tutorial 04/18/2012
Anthony Bianchi Auto-Context and Its Application to High-Level Vision Tasks and 3D Brain Image Segmentation 04/11/2012
Xiaojing Chen Face Image Retrieval in Large-scale Unconstrained Databases 04/04/2012
Asong Tambo Understanding Pollen Tube Growth In 3d Using Growth Models 03/06/2012
Yiming Li An Hog-LBP Human Detector with Partial Occlusion Handling 02/29/2012
Dr. Songnian Rong Locating Every Pinhead in a Haystack, the Challenge of Keeping IC Manufacturers Profitable at the Sub-20nm Technology Node 02/22/2012
Suresh Kumar Feature based object recognition using statistical occlusion models with one-to-one correspondence 02/15/2012
Hoang Nguyen Zombie Brain Foraging Optimization 02/08/2012
Zhixing Jin Evaluating Multiple Object Tracking Performance:The CLEAR MOT Metrics 02/01/2012
Hirokatsu Kataoka Symmetrical Judgment Area Reduction and ECoHOG Feature Descriptor for Pedestrian Detection 01/25/2012
Ben Guan Introduction to Normalized Cuts and Image Segmentation 01/18/2012
Linan Feng Unbiased Look at Dataset Bias 01/11/2012


Albert Cruz A Psychologically-Inspired Match-Score Fusion Model for Video-Based Facial Expression Recognition 11/18/2011
Hessamoddin Shafeian A Unified and Personalized Interactive Video Summarization and Retrieval System 11/04/2011
Amirali Darvishzadeh Distributed Multi-Robot Collaboration using Evolutionary Computation 10/21/2011
Asong Tambo Modeling Cell Shape Evolution Via Tip Growth 10/14/2011
Angello Pozo Multi-Robot Coordination using a Market algorithm with a Value Map 10/03/2011
Ernesto Bribiesca, Ph.D. Representation and Analysis of 3D Curves and 3D Tree Objects using Chain Coding 06/01/2011
Anthony Bianchi Lesion Detection and Characterization of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging 05/25/2011
Songfan Yang Facial Expression Recognition 05/18/2011
Albert Cruz A Biologically Inspired Approach for Fusing Facial Expression and Appearance in Video 05/04/2011
Ninad Thakoor How to use Vislab cluster 04/27/2011
Xiaojing Chen Scalable Face Image Retrieval with Identity-Based Quantization and Multi-Reference Re-ranking 04/20/2011
Vincent Nguyen Introduction to Programming with CUDA C 04/13/2011
Yu Sun Random Forests for Image Classification 03/18/2011
Sven Dickinson The Role of Intermediate Shape Priors in Perceptual Grouping and Image Abstraction 03/11/2011
Yanping Chen Online Learning of Context-specific Feature Weights in a Multi-Biometric System 02/18/2011
Mehran Kafai Stochastic Multi-class Vehicle Classification 02/11/2011
Ben Guan Human Embryonic Stem Cell Detection By spatial information and mixture of Gaussians 01/27/2011
Le An Nonlocal-means for image denoising and video super-resolution 01/05/2011


Suresh Kumar Theoretical Modelling of Indexing Performance 12/01/2010
Hoang Nguyen Individual 3D Face Modeling and Recognition in a Video Network 11/24/2010
Songfan Yang Facial Expression Recognition Using Gabor Motion Energy Filters 11/17/2010
Yiming Li On-line Boosting and Vision 11/10/2010
Giovanni Denina Video Synthesis at Tennis Player Viewpoint from Multiple View Videos 11/03/2010
Albert Cruz A Bio-Inspired Approach for Fusing Facial Appearance and Emotion in Video 10/27/2010
Zhixing Jin Autonomous Pedestrians 10/22/2010
Yu Sun Ensemble Learning for Feature Selection 05/04/2010
Yiming Li On the Performance of Handoff and Tracking in a Camera Network 04/27/2010
Yanping Chen Integrating Soft Biometric Traits into Recognition System 04/20/2010
Suresh Kumar Predicting performance of object recognition (Continue) 04/13/2010
Suresh Kumar Predicting performance of object recognition 04/06/2010
Songfan Yang Error Model for Structure from Motion and Stereo 03/30/2010
Giovanni Denina Bayesian Nets 03/10/2010
Linan Feng Using concepts as high-level semantic feature in video and image retrieval 02/24/2010
Ben Guan Fuzzy Set Theory 01/27/2010

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