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Archived Presentation

06/18/2004 Dr. Amit Roy Chowdhury Human motion analysis using shape theory
06/11/2004 Nirmalya Ghosh Precise detection of 2D edges and its use in 3D modeling
05/14/2004 Dr. Sohail Nadimi Adaptive Fusion for Diurnal Moving Object Detection
05/07/2004 Anlei Dong On Mixture Model for Image Databases
04/30/2004 Rui Li Managing and manipulating uncertainty in spatial databases
04/23/2004 Rong Wang Predicting Fingerprint Recognition Performance From a Small Gallery
04/14/2004 Dr. Ertem Tuncel Efficient content-based retrieval via data compression
02/18/2004 Hui Chen Human Ear Detection from Side Face Range Images
02/11/2004 Jiangang Yu Feature Synthesis using Genetic Programming for Face Expression Recognition
02/04/2004 Ju Han Statistical Feature Fusion for Gait-based Human Recognition
01/28/2004 Dr. Amit Roy Chowdhury Face modeling and recognition
01/21/2004 Xaotao Zou Multimodal Sensory Fusion and its Application in Object Detection/Tracking
01/14/2004 Nirmalya Ghosh Learning-based 3D vehicle recognition using dynamic sensor fusion
07/30/2003 Rong Wang Biometric template selection: a case study in fingerprint
07/09/2003 Nirmalya Ghosh Human activity recognition
07/02/2003 Xiaoli Zhou Iris recognition technology
06/05/2003 Grinnell Jones Composite class models for SAR recognition
05/22/2003 Hui Chen 3D free-form object recognition in range images using local surface patches
05/15/2003 Xiaoli Zhou Face recognition from Profile
05/08/2003 Ju Han Detecting moving humans using color and infrared video
05/01/2003 Rui Li Handling uncertainty in spatial database
04/17/2003 Jinfeng Ni Probabilistic spatial database operations
04/10/2003 Xuejun Tan Fingerprint classification based on learned features
03/13/2003 Min Wu GIS application on grid
03/06/2003 Dr. Krzystof (Chris) Krawiec Introduction to coevolutionary algorithms
and synthesizing features for object recognition
02/20/2003 Rong Wang Use genetic algorithm
to build synthetic model
02/13/2003 Xaotao Zou Video object segmentation and
tracking based on feature localization
02/06/2003 Nirmalya Ghosh Key-Frame selection in video indexing
01/30/2003 Jiangang Yu A survey of image registraion techniques
01/23/2003 Pat Leang Automated speed controls for mobile robots
01/09/2003 Anlei Dong Concept learning and transplantation
for dynamic image databases
12/11/2002 Yinqiang Lin Improving efficiency of genetic programming
11/27/2002 Sohail Nadimi Spatial image registration techniques
11/20/2002 Hui Chen Three dimensional object recognition
from range images
11/13/2002 Xiaoli Zhou Classifier combination for person identification
by face and gait
11/06/2002 Xiaobing Qian Performance prediction for model-based object recognition
10/30/2002 Rui Li Multi-dimensional indexing introduction
10/23/2002 Ju Han Bayesian-based performance prediction
for gait recognition
10/16/2002 * CRIS SEMINAR *
Dr. Mubarak Shah
Tracking in uncalibrated multiple cameras,
and view invariant representation
and recognition of human action
10/09/2002 Xuejun Tan Error rate of fingerprint matching
09/30/2002 Professor Bir. Bhanu Current research in the lab
06/18/2002 Dr. Ed Hong Group testing and image compression
05/20/2002 Grinnell Jones Exploiting azimuthal variance of scatterers
for multiple look SAR recognition
05/13/2002 Dr. Seok Wun Ha Recent research and image collection
on the web
04/29/2002 Jakob Erikson Robust real-time object detection
04/22/2002 Jingchun Liu Indexing probabilistic attributes in image database
03/11/2002 Anlei Dong Modeling concept learning process
for image retrieval
02/25/2002 Prof. Walid A. Najjar From algorithm to hardware
Faster image processing
02/11/2002 Pat Leang Homing in robotics
02/04/2002 Xuejun Tan A robust two step approach for
fingerprint identification
01/28/2002 Sohail Nadimi Moving shadow detection using
a physics-based approach
01/14/2002 Ju Han Individual recognition by kinematic-based gait analysis
01/07/2002 Jingchun Liu Surface reconstruction in medical image processing
06/18/2001 Anlei Dong Concepts learning with
fuzzy clustering and relevance feedback
06/04/2001 Yingqian Lin Automatic generation of binary feature detectors
05/21/2001 Sohail Nadimi Multistrategy fusion using mixture model
for moving object detection
05/14/2001 Pat Leang Real-time robot learning
05/07/2001 Grinnell Jones Increasing the discrimination of SAR recognition models
04/30/2001 Ju Han Continued talk ...
The model-based human body motion analysis system
04/23/2001 Ju Han The model-based human body motion analysis system
04/16/2001 Jingchun Liu C4.5 and CFP for semantic concept learning
04/09/2001 Shiqin Wang GA feature selection for target detection
03/12/2001 Xuejun Tan Feature extraction in fingerprint images
by learning templates
02/26/2001 Pat Leang Extended Q-learning
02/12/2001 Yingqian Lin Feature extraction using morphological analysis
of multi-resolution gray-scale images
02/05/2001 Sohail Nadimi Strategies for moving object detection based
on the statistical modeling of the background
01/29/2001 Anlei Dong Integrating prior experience with
relevance feedback for image retrieval
12/18/2000 Ju Han A bayesian computer vision system
for modeling human interactions
11/20/2000 Jingchun Liu Content-based digital video retrieval
11/13/2000 Shiqin Wang Deriving the 3D face model
from a monocular image sequence
11/06/2000 Xuejun Tan A Novel index algorithm for recognition of fingerprint
10/30/2000 Pat Lean & Chris Cowden Real time robot learning
10/23/2000 Yingqian Lin Feature selection and generation by genetic algorithms
10/16/2000 Sohail Nadimi Recent moving cast shadow detection algorithms and approaches
10/09/2000 Anlei Dong Optimizing learning in image retrieval and
progresss in probabilistic feature relevance learning (PFRL)
10/02/2000 Dr. Wei Xiong Video screening for concepts
08/04/2000 Dr. Peng-Ying Yin "Tabu Search"
07/21/2000 Dr. Peng-Ying Yin Ant colony search algorithm
07/05/2000 Grinnell Jones Object recognition results using MSTAR
synthetic aperature radar data
06/21/2000 Xuejun Tan A novel model-based approach for fingerprint recognition
05/31/2000 Dr. Wei Xiong Classification by feature partitioning (CFP)
05/10/2000 Dr. Peng-Ying Yin Relevance feedback (continued)
05/03/2000 Dr. Peng-Ying Yin Relevance feedback
04/12/2000 Sohail Nadimi A physics based statistical sensor fusion
approach to object detection
02/14/2000 Sohail Nadimi Physics based illumination, and
reflectance ratio as an luminance invariant
02/07/2000 Dr. Lee Video segmentation
01/24/2000 Sohail Nadimi Investigation into the shadow problem.
01/10/2000 Grinnell Jones Recognition of occluded objects in SAR images
12/06/1999 Gokce Dane An analysis of mammalian visual system,
statistical structures of natural scenes
and scale-invariant, self-similar transforms
11/29/1999 Sohail Nadimi Video surveillance and tracking in diverse illumination conditions
11/15/1999 Stephanie Fonder Learning-integrated interactive segmentation and
classification of synthetic aperature radar imagery
11/01/1999 Chris Cowden & Pat Leang Vislab autonomous robot
10/25/19999 Ming Li Foundamentals of multimedia databases.
10/18/1999 Jie Zou * Probabilistic feature relevance learning (PFRL) for content-based image retrieval
* Gabor transform in feature calculation
10/11/1999 Ping Liu Examplar based learning
10/04/1999 Dr. Bir Bhanu Vislab research in image and video databases
06/09/1999 Sohail Nadimi Fusion
06/02/1999 Sohail Nadimi Video surveillance
05/26/1999 Sohail Nadimi Motion detection... continued
05/19/1999 Sohail Nadimi Feature-based and feature-less methods for motion detection
05/12/1999 Dr. Bir Bhanu Models of learning for computer vision
05/05/1999 Dr. Michael Boshra Performance prediction and validation for object recognition
11/02/1998 Dr. Bir Bhanu Discussion on database research
10/12/1998 Jing Peng Linear disciminant classification techniques
10/05/1998 Jun Guo Feature extraction from SAR image
09/28/1998 Michael Boshra Predicting object recognition performance under data uncertainty, occlusion and clutter
09/21/1998 Grinnell Jones Geometrical and magnitude invariants for recognition of articulated and non-standard objects in MSTAR images
09/14/1998 Sohail Nadimi An integrated approach for query, indexing and retrieval of spatio-temporal data
08/31/1998 Stephanie Fonder Learning integrated interactive image segmentation
07/27/1998 Ying Zeng Data mining
07/20/1998 Joon Soo Ahn Subpixel level peak detection for SAR imagery
07/13/1998 Jing Peng Bias, variance and classification error
06/29/1998 Sohail Nadimi The MP-Tree : A data structure for spatio-temporal indexing
06/22/1998 Jun Guo Region-based image coding method using binary tree
06/08/1998 Jianing Feng Real time image processing programming using MVC
06/01/1998 Zhimin Li Stochastic models for recognition of articulated objects
05/04/1998 Grinnell Jones Recognizing articulated objects and configuration variants
04/27/1998 Stephanie Fonder SarMapper:A real-time, interactive SAR tactical mapper
04/20/1998 Michael Boshra Performance modeling of feature-based classification in SAR imagery
04/06/1998 Ying Zeng Java based GUI for image retrieval
03/16/1998 Joon Soo Ahn Recognition of articulated objects in real SAR images
03/09/1998 Jing Peng Learning feature relevance for retrieval in image databases
03/02/1998 Jun Guo Lessons in khoros
02/23/1998 Shan Qing Incorporating learning, feedback and similarity metrics in CBIR
02/09/1998 Hua Chen Image retrieval based on JPEG compressed data
02/02/1998 Jianing Feng Irrelevant features and the subset selection problem
01/26/1998 Sohail Nadimi Commercial video retrieval by induced semantics
11/03/1997 Carlotta Domeniconi Direct gray scale ridge reconstruction in fingerprint images
10/27/1997 Grinnel Jones Recognition of articulated and occluded objects in SAR imagery
10/20/1997 Sohail Nadimi Informix universal server ORDBMS
10/13/1997 Joon Soo Ahn Recognizing articulated objects (tank targets) and the pose of the articulated parts (turret) in SAR images. Continued Talk ...
10/06/1997 Bir Bhanu Discussion
09/29/1997 Joon Soo Ahn Recognizing articulated objects (tank targets) and the pose of the articulated parts (turret) in SAR images.
09/22/1997 Stephanie Fonder Learning Integrated Interactive Segmentation
09/15/1997 Changqin Ye Indexing schemes in content-based image retrieval, continued ...
09/08/1997 Changqin Ye Indexing schemes in content-based image retrieval, CMAC model and its application
08/25/1997 Jianing Fang Application on ITI
08/18/1997 Michael Boshra Recognizing a polyhedral object in a robot hand using vision and touch
08/11/1997 Michael Boshra Recognizing a polyhedral object in a robot hand using vision and touch
08/04/1997 Shan Qing Wavelet (gabor wavelets) and its application in image database


07/28/1997 Sohail Nadimi IUE: Image understanding environment software
07/21/1997 Shan Qing Wavelet (gabor wavelets) and its application in image database
07/07/1997 Sunil Kumar Low bit-rate image compression techniques
06/30/1997 Skip Morehead Discussion on objectivity DB
06/23/1997 Stephanie Fonder Learning probabilistic appearance models for object recognition
06/16/1997 Jianing Feng Learning and feature selection in stereo matching
06/09/1997 Grinnell Jones Invariants for the recognition of articulated
and occluded objects in SAR images
06/02/1997 Joon Ahn Indexing / matching of articulated objects in SAR images
05/19/1997 Bir Bhanu Discussion
05/12/1997 Group Discussion
05/05/1997 Xin Bao IUE - The image understanding environment
04/28/1997 Amarnath Gupta Virage ~ discussion
04/21/1997 Bir Bhanu Group session
04/14/1997 Jing Peng Local learning based on recursive partitioning
with applications to databases
04/07/1997 Joon Ahn Distance weighted geometric hashing-based indexing technique
03/31/1997 Jianing Feng The topographic primal sketch
03/24/1997 Shan Qing MVC 150/40 modular, high performance
vision processor - Part II
03/10/1997 Jianing Feng MVC 150/40 modular, high performance
vision processor - part I
03/03/1997 Yajie Yang Multiscale segmentation of SAR imagery
02/24/1997 Sohail Nadimi An image database browser that learns from user interaction
02/10/1997 Xin Bao Reinforcement learning integrated image segmentation
and object recognition
02/03/1997 Shan Qing Learning indexing functions