Technical Program, CVPR 2023 Biometrics Workshop (18 June 2023)

Technical Program, CVPR 2023 Biometrics Workshop (18 June 2023)
S1 Face Recognition (9:00-10:15 AM), Session Chair: Rui Zhao (Amazon, USA)
The Universal Face Encoder: Learning Disentangled Representations Across Different Attributes (9:00-9:25)
Sandipan Banerjee (Samsung Research America, USA), Ajjen Joshi (Smart Eye, USA), Jay Turcot (Smart Eye, USA)
Face Recognition Accuracy Across Demographics: Shining a Light Into the Problem (9:25-9:50)
Haiyu Wu (University of Notre Dame, USA), V´ıtor Albiero (University of Notre Dame, USA), K. S. Krishnapriya (Valdosta State University, USA), Michael C. King (Florida Institute of Technology, USA), Kevin W. Bowyer (University of Notre Dame, USA)
PIC-Score: Probabilistic Interpretable Comparison Score for Optimal Matching Confidence in Single- and Multi-Biometric Face Recognition (9:50-10:15)
Pedro C. Neto (INESC TEC, Porto, Portugal), Ana F. Sequeira (INESC TEC, Porto, Portugal), Jaime S. Cardoso (INESC TEC, Porto, Portugal), Philipp Terhorst (Paderborn University, Paderborn, Germany)
  Coffee Break (10:15-10:30 AM)                
  Invited Talk (10:30 to 11:30 AM), Session Chair: Bir Bhanu (University of California Riverside, USA)
T1             Harnessing Generative Priors for Image Super-Resolution
  Chen Change Loy ,Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
S2 Fingerprint, Gait and Keystroke (11:30-12:15 PM), Session Chair: Raghavendra Ramachandra (NTNU, Gjøvik, Norway)
Robust Partial Fingerprint Recognition (11:30-11:45)
Yufei Zhang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA), Rui Zhao (Amazon, USA), Ziyi Zhao (Amazon, USA), Naveen Ramakrishnan (Amazon, USA), Manoj Aggarwal (Amazon, USA), Gerard Medioni (Amazon, USA), Qiang Ji (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA)
Gait Recognition from Fisheye Images(11:45-12:00 PM)
Chi Xu (Osaka University, Japan), Yasushi Makihara (Osaka University, Japan), Xiang Li (Osaka University, Japan), Yasushi Yagi (Osaka University, Japan)
BeCAPTCHA-Type: Biometric Keystroke Data Generation for Improved Bot Detection (12:00-12:15)
Daniel deAlcala (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain), Aythami Morales (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain), Ruben Tolosana (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain), Alejandro Acien (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain), Julian Fierrez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain), Santiago Hernandez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain), Miguel A. Ferrer (University Las Palmas Gran Canaria, Spain), Moises Diaz (University Las Palmas Gran Canaria, Spain)
  Lunch Break (12:15-1:45 PM) Lunch will be provided as a free on-site option                   
S3 Face Anti-Spoofing (1:45-3:00 PM), Session Chair: Karthik Nandakumar (MBZUAI, Abu Dhabi, UAE)
A Closer Look at Geometric Temporal Dynamics for Face Anti-Spoofing (1:45-2:10)
Chih-Jung Chang (Stanford University, USA), Yaw-Chern Lee (Microsoft AI R&D Center, Taiwan), Shih-Hsuan Yao (Microsoft AI R&D Center, Taiwan), Min-Hung Chen (Microsoft AI R&D Center, Taiwan), Chien-Yi Wang Microsoft AI R&D Center, Taiwan), Shang-Hong Lai (Microsoft AI R&D Center, Taiwan), Trista Pei-Chun Chen (Microsoft AI R&D Center, Taiwan)
Exposing Fine-Grained Adversarial Vulnerability of Face Anti-Spoofing Models (2:10-2:35)
Songlin Yang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Wei Wang (CRIPC, CASIA, China), Chenye Xu (SenseTime Research, China), Ziwen He (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Bo Peng (CRIPC, CASIA, China), Jing Dong (CRIPC, CASIA, China)
SynthASpoof: Developing Face Presentation Attack Detection Based on Privacy-friendly Synthetic Data (2:35-3:00)
Meiling Fang (Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD, Germany), Marco Huber (Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD, Germany), Naser Damer (Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD, Germany)
  Coffee Break (3:00-3:15 PM)                
  Invited Talk (3:15 to 4:15 PM), Session Chair: PC Yuen (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)
T2             Unlocking the Secrets of Human Movement: A Look at the Cutting-Edge Progress in Gait Recognition
  Yasushi Yagi, Osaka University, Japan
  Invited Talk (4:15 to 5:15 PM), Session Chair: Vitomir Struc (University of Ljubljana, Slovenija)
T3             The Art of Non-Verbal Communication: Decoding Facial Expressions and Gestures for Seamless Human-Robot Interaction
  Xilen Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  Awards, Valedictory and Closing Remarks (5:15-5:25 PM), Bir Bhanu (University of California Riverside, USA)
  S1, S3 ® 25 Minutes Oral Presentations(18 Minutes Presentation + 5 Minutes Q/A + 2 Minutes Setup) 
  S2 ® 15 Minutes Oral Presentations (8 Minutes Presentation + 5 Minutes Q/A + 2 Minutes Setup)