List of Papers Accepted for CVPR 2023 Biometrics Workshop

Paper ID Paper Title
2 Exposing Fine-Grained Adversarial Vulnerability of Face Anti-Spoofing Models
6 Robust Partial Fingerprint Recognition
8 PIC-Score: Probabilistic Interpretable Comparison Score for Optimal Matching Confidence in Single- and Multi-Biometric Face Recognition
9 Gait Recognition from Fisheye Images
11 Face Recognition Accuracy Across Demographics: Shining a Light Into the Problem
15 BeCAPTCHA-Type: Biometric Keystroke Data Generation for Improved Bot Detection
16 SynthASpoof: Developing Face Presentation Attack Detection Based on Privacy-friendly Synthetic Data
17 The Universal Face Encoder: Learning Disentangled Representations Across Different Attributes
18 A Closer Look at Geometric Temporal Dynamics for Face Anti-Spoofing
* The reviews for all the papers submitted for the CVPR 2023 Biometrics Workshop can be accessed from CMT after April 7, 2023.
** Details for the camera ready submission and instructions will be send by email after April 7, 2023.