ICDSC 2013
Seventh ACM/IEEE International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras
October 29 - November 1, 2013, Palm Springs, California, USA

Camera Ready Submission Instructions

There are three steps required for Final Camera Ready Submission

1. Authors should complete an IEEE Copyright form electronically, using the facility in CMT.
2. Authors should use PDF eXpress to validate their files.
3. Authors should upload their final "camera ready" PDFs and the PDF eXpress confirmation to CMT.

Here are three separate sets of instructions:

1. Instructions for electronic submission of IEEE copyright form (eCF)

IMPORTANT: If you need to make changes to the title or author list, YOU MUST GO THROUGH INSTRUCTION SETS 2 and 3 FIRST.

eCF is done through Microsoft CMT. Please log in to thr CMT site and do the following:
* Click on the Submit IEEE Copyright form link at the rightmost column (which initiates eCF). Please read instructions in the CMT and IEEE sites CAREFULLY.

* You need to go through eCF for EACH paper separately.
* Since eCF can only be done ONCE for each paper, it is important that only one person (contact author) work on it per paper.
* Once eCF has been completed, IEEE will email all the authors as verification.

2. Instructions for verifying compliance of the final version of your paper

* Make sure your PDF file is IEEE compliant. If your file is noncompliant, it WILL NOT be shipped to IEEE for inclusion in Xplore, which means your paper will not be considered as published.
*Please check PDF compliance at the PDF eXpress web site (http://www.pdf-express.org). Click on the link "New Users - Click Here" and fill in your information. You will need the Conference ID which is: 32014x. Please find more details at http://www.pdf-express.org/frhelpnologin.asp
NOTE: The PDF eXpress validation process is NOT the final paper submission process! Once your paper is valid, you must follow instruction set 3.

3. Instructions for submitting camera-ready paper using CMT

The camera-ready paper is submitted through Microsoft CMT. Please log in to the CMT site and do the following:

* CMT will not rename your files, so please use the following naming convention: Rename your files to three digit paper id (e.g. paper ID 7 should submit as 007.pdf, 23 as 023.pdf etc.).
- First Load the camera-ready PDF file.
- Take the email that PDF eXpress sends you, convert it to a .txt file with the same name as your PDF, and submit it along with your paper. This lets us know that your file meets the IEEE requirements.
- Please limit either file to 10 MB.
* Click on the "Edit" link under "Camera-Ready" and follow the instructions there.

Author Guidelines


Regular paper, PhD forum and demo authors MUST submit their papers electronically at Microsoft CMT.

Paper Format

Submitted papers must follow the IEEE two-column format with single-spaced, ten-point font in the text. The length of submitted papers for regular paper submission is 6 pages (with a maximum of 8 pages with page charges) and for PhD forum and demo papers is 2 pages including figures and references. For a regular paper above 6 pages, page charges of $150 per page have to be paid at the time of registration after the acceptance. Papers must be submitted in the PDF format.

LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates can be found in the IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings website:
Authors using Microsoft Word should use the US Letter template and follow the instructions within the template document. Authors using LaTex should include the \documentclass[conference]{IEEEtran} option in their latex file and follow the instructions in the IEEEtran_HOWTO (pdf) document.

Double blind review: ICDSC reviewing is double blind. Do not include any author information such as name and affiliations in the paper. When citing your previous work avoid using words such as "my" or "our". Avoid providing information that may identify the authors in the acknowledgments (e.g., co-workers and grant IDs) and in the supplemental material (e.g., titles in the movies, or attached papers). Avoid providing links to websites that identify the authors. Violation of any of these guidelines may lead to rejection without a review.

The papers should provide sufficient background information including adequate references and clearly indicate the original contribution.

Presenter Instructions

A paper submission implies that one of the authors, or a proxy, will be present at the conference to present the paper, if it is accepted. Further presenter instructions will be announced.