Accepted Papers

List of Papers Accepted for CVPR 2019 Biometrics Workshop
Paper ID Paper Title
1 Segmentation-less and Non-holistic Deep-Learning Framework for Iris Recognition
5 MobileTouchDB: Mobile Touch Character Database in the Wild and Biometric Benchmark
8 Facial Soft Biometrics Detection on Low Power Devices
10 Hierarchical Feature Relational Networks for Face Recognition
11 Detecting Textured Iris Lens in Uncontrolled Environment using DensePAD
13 Person Re-Identification from Gait Autocorrelation
18 Revisit to Depth-based Face Recognition from a Quality Perspective
24 Exploring Factors for Improving Low Resolution Face Recognition
26 Face Synthesis and Recognition Using Disentangled Representation-learning Wasserstein GAN
27 Fast Continuous User Authentication using Distance Metric Fusion of Free-text Keystroke Data
30 Significant Feature Based Representation for Template Protection
32 Subsurface and Layer Intertwined Template Protection Using Inherent Properties of Optical Coherence Fingerprint Imaging
33 Face Hallucination Revisited: An Exploratory Study on Dataset Bias
34 Multimodal Age and Gender Classification from Profile Face Images
39 Synthesizing Iris Images using RaSGAN with Application in Presentation Attack Detection
* The reviews for all the papers submitted for the CVPR 2019 Biometrics Workshop can be accessed from CMT on/after April 10, 2019.
** Details for the camera ready submission and instructions will be send by email on April 10, 2019.
Acceptance Rate: 36.59% (based on 41 reviewed paperes and 15 papers finally accepted for the presentation).